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Q:What type of visa do I need to get before I travel to China?

A: Please apply for a work visa (Z visa).

Q: Is it legal to work with tourist visa or business visa?

A: No. You have to work with a work permit, not any other types of visa.

Q: Dose New Peak Recruitment provide visas?

A: We don't provide visas. The school which hires you does it.

We'll be here to answer all your questions regarding to visa

application. And we'll follow it up until you get the legal work


Q: What documents do I need to prepare for work visa application?

A: Please prepare the below documents if you plan to get a work visa :

1. passport copy

2. degree and authentication from the Chinese Embassy or

Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange.

3. non-criminal report and authentication from the Chinese


4.TESOL/TEFL/CELTA certificate or 2 years relevant working

experience reference letter.

5.medical check

6. ID photo with white background

Q: What's the process after I collect all the documents mentioned?

A: 1. You scan all the documents, and email them to us or your


2. Your employer will submit the documents to the Foreign Expert Bureau online

system. (It usually takes about 1-3 weeks to get approved online)

3. Your employer bring the copies of your documents, and visit the Bureau in person to submit it to the officer. (It usually takes about another 1-2 weeks to get approved.)

4. Once the application is approved, your employer will be able

to download the work permit notification, and email it to you.

5. Please print out the work permit notification, and submit work visa application to

the Chinese Embassy/Consulate.

6. After you get the work visa, you can travel to China.

7. Once you arrive in China, your employer will assist you to get work

permit and resident permit.

8. Now, you can work legally. And you are allowed to come and

go from China as much as you like until the date of expiry.

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